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Scientists and Engineers Advising Legislation

We are a nonpartisan coalition of graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and other early-career scientists throughout Virginia focused on supporting science and evidence-based decision-making in our government.

We use our expertise across a variety of scientific and technical disciplines to:
(1) Educate lawmakers on important science topics relevant to Virginia.
(2) Help lawmakers distill complex technical information.
(3) Provide objective evaluation of a policy’s potential science impacts and identify unintended consequences.

We achieve these goals by:
(1) Providing testimony at public hearings and commissions
(2) Offering science advising services by request to e.g. synthesize information and provide impartial reports on issues of interest.

SEAL members complete this work on a volunteer basis. Any statements or comments presented are entirely our own and do not represent the position of our respective affiliations. Any institutional affiliations provided by our members are for identification purposes only. We do not receive compensation for this work and have no conflicts of interest to declare.

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